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March 2024

Iris Wang

Integrate the power of yoga and mindfulness into your daily routine

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Hailing from China with a business marketing background, Iris embarked on her journey as a health coach after her first yoga class 15 years ago. Over the years, she transitioned from a yoga enthusiast to a certified instructor, contributing significantly to the promotion of yoga in emerging markets, including Shanghai.


Despite the constant movement around the globe with her family, Iris continued her passion for the art of yoga, eventually settling in Toulouse and extending her expertise to the local community.


In 2020, she diversified her skill set, adding up the science of nutrition as a certified coach with Precision Nutrition (Canada). Currently, she is enhancing her PN capabilities with a focus on sleep, recovery, and stress management to better serve her clients.

With Iris we explored calming yoga postures, breath work, and mindfulness techniques to heighten our awareness and establish a profound connection with our body. 

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