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May 2021

Julie Abader

BLOOM Workshop - Master your LinkedIn Profile : the dos and don’ts

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Julie, Social Media Manager, has shared her best LinkedIn insights, whether you're employed, freelance or maybe thinking about your next move, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool in today's business world.

Julie’s  love and hate for social media started 15 years ago with her first blog as a teenager. Since then, her passion for visuals, writing and strategy fell into place as she developed her skills, working in internal and external communications in several agencies based in London. Julie has worked for the advertising giant WPP, branding agencies and rewardStyle, the leading expert in influencers and affiliate marketing. 

Creative herself, she founded Studio Noor in 2018, to help creative entrepreneurs (who mostly 'hate' social media) to better communicate and share their passion with their online community. What she loves the most is empowering creatives to finally take advantage of social media and embrace all the opportunities out there.


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