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October 2020


Mathilde Ehrhart

BLOOM Workshop - The Power of Womanhood


After a decade of corporate life, Mathilde Ehrhart has dedicated the last five years to the path of personal and spiritual evolution. Studying various traditions in India and Nepal for a year, she then started to deconstruct old paradigms of living and relating. Her explorations lead her to deepen the art of connection and intimacy through Transactional Analysis, Gurdjieff movements, Tantra, Circling, and other types of awarness-based modalities.

She facilitates online and in-person journeys, co-founded an association for conscious living in Toulouse, is engaged in the evolution of an alternative community in Nice, and is pursuing a Master's degree in psychology. Her goal is for individuals to remember who they truly are, and develop a hightened sense of purpose, power and aliveness that they can integrate in their daily lives.

In this BLOOM Workshop, Mathilde has explored the qualities of the feminine and helped us develop a heightened sense of power and aliveness that we can integrate in our lives.

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