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June 2022

Brooklyn Gould

The Business of Sustainability

Brooklyn Gould.jpeg

Brooklyn recently completed an EMBA from Toulouse Business School with a thesis focussing on Climate Change Risk Management.

She also holds an Electronics Engineering degree from the University of Victoria in Canada.

Prior to arriving in Toulouse 3 years ago, Brooklyn led an international career working in the US, the UK and then Paris, for Schlumberger, a Fortune 500 company in the Oil and Gas sector.

Her experiences include working as an Engineer, an Engineering Project and Program Manager and most recently as a Corporate Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager.

Brooklyn explain to us in details the ins and outs of Business Sustainability, a field where she is currently focussing professionally.

What is Sustainability? How does Sustainability affect business? What is at stake for our local economy? How can you contribute towards a sustainable future?

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