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Women’s International Network in Toulouse offers a variety of activities, some of which are social

and others which are informative and educational as well as community-building

exclusive member events for our current WINIT members.

2019 was a busy year! You can find a retrospective of our 2019/2020 programming below.

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Open to Everyone.  Website registration required.

WINIT events are open to members and non-members who are interested in learning more about our WINIT community.  It is an opportunity to socialize, network and connect. 


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Celebrating  a great year with great women!

Getting the Most Out of Life
A journey in Cell Biology
Talking about Art
Business Development in Toulouse
The ethics of human genomics
Insurance companies&your health
Predictability of financial markets
Reading and Conversation
Haute Life in the Haute Garonne
How Digital Activism Favors Conservatives
Hope Beyond Displacement : Educating and Empowering Women and Girls
Love Yourself
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