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May 2022

Jane Allan

Transformational Results leading to Happiness

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Jane Allan, Pilates Instructor and Studio Owner has toured all over the world as a professional Aerialist and Trapeze Artist for 20 years.  This extraordinary experience taught her how to take care of her body and get the most out of her well being and fitness every single day - with potentially life changing consequences. 

After taking up Romana's Pilates late in her career, she saw remarkable improvements in her performance as a result and graduated as a Gold Standard of Pilates TeacherTraining at Romana's Pilates in New York City. 

She   has been teaching since in Parisien Pilates studios, for the artists at the Cirque de Soleil, in Circus Schools, on the faculty of the Romana's Pilates Teacher Training Centre in London(Kinetic Pilates), in businesses Louis Vuitton, BHV Marais, Institut Geographic National and Météo France.

 Today she teaches in her beautiful Toulouse Studio and in a home Studio in the iconic Occitan village of Montreal (11290).  

In a tour of her studio in Toulouse, Jane shared with us more about Joseph Pilates’ System, how and why she is using exclusively authentic Reformer equipment combined with the Contrology system of exercises. How this works and how applying this in your life, it builds your strength, improves your flexibility, relieves pain and tension and helps you breathe and sleep deeply.

Jane has been able to prove in the past 15 years how this combination produces spectacular transformational results for posture , strength, flexibility, breathing, pain relief, health, longevity ….feeling good about yourself and your body.

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