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November 2020


Em Roblin

BLOOM Workshop - Step into your Boldest Self


**Recently named a Woman of Influence in the She Era by RAYLI Magazine

As one client and friend succinctly put it; “Em is the definition of a role model. She’s bold and has a big vision, yet she is open and makes everyone around her feel important, valued and heard. Every interaction is like a refueling of positive energy.”

For over 15 years, Em has been passionately creating experiences that have empowered thousands of people to grow into better leaders, colleagues, partners, parents, friends, etc. She runs a thriving consulting and coaching practice partnering with top organizations to build more inclusive cultures and with individuals to more courageously bring forward their unique strengths and experiences. Em has spent almost a decade focused on women's leadership and has worked to solve the challenges faced by leading organizations (how to retain, develop and advance women) as well as digging deep into how to truly thrive as a woman and as a leader.

In this BLOOM Workshop, Em provided us the 3 keys we as women need to step into our boldest selves.

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