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May 2023

Fanny Leboulanger

Helping women's lives become fulfilled

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Fanny is a general practitioner who, after many years of practicing gynecology on a daily basis, noticed there was a need for more feminine empowerment. She became passionate about helping women learn more about embodiment practices to digest what’s not working in their bodies anymore and create space for changes.  She also centers on guidance to unpack the shame, guilt, fear, and trauma that so many women carry into the intimate domain.

Now, combining the best of both worlds, medical and coaching, she's guiding women to reconnect with their inner selves, reclaim their thriving sexuality, and fulfill their lives through fun and transformational approaches, techniques, and tools from the best ancient tantric teachings and up-to-date science. 

In her presentation, Fanny shared with us her path as an international minded woman, although she has not lived abroad, and her studies as a general practitioner. She walked us through her practices involving gynecology and women who could do with a helping hand in their intimacy world to become happier. 

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