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May 2024

Mathilde Bodu

Cultivate Self-Confidence and Autonomy: A Pathway to Fulfillment

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At the age of 19, Mathilde left the Parisian area and the competitive world of high-level swimming to embark on an equally thrilling adventure: living abroad. For 14 years, she explored three countries in America, the United States, Puerto Rico, and Brazil, where she had to learn three different languages and cultures. This experience offered her much more than exotic memories. It shaped her, strengthened her adaptability, and developed resilience in her.


Today, Mathilde is passionate about helping foreign professionals and their families thrive in France. Her experiences have instilled in her a deep belief in the power of self-confidence, well-being, and empowerment for successful integration and a fulfilling life in France.


In her presentation Mathilde discussed her decision to turn her passion into a career by becoming a professional coach, specializing in empowering individuals to enhance their self-confidence, optimize their lives in France, and achieve greater autonomy.

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