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March 2023

Penny Dickinson

Walking Towards a Dream 


I am following my dream in Toulouse! Back in 2010 I left a corporate career behind to follow my dream and launch my own professional activity ‘Toulouse Walking Tours’ sharing my passion for all-things-Toulouse with visitors and locals alike.


I ignore the naysayers and poured my heart and soul into it, I absolutely love what I do and feel blessed to call this my job. I’m excited to be sharing what I do with you all and I’ll also take the opportunity to speak about the (volunteer) work I do with my fellow ‘Ambassadeurs de Toulouse’ for the Agence d’Attractivité de Toulouse.


Toulouse Walking Tours

As a one-woman band, my mission is to help people fall under Toulouse’s spell through walking and talking! I offer a variety of walking tours that reveal Toulouse’s secrets and as a true foodie I’m always keen to leave clients with my top tips for how to enjoy the best of the city’s gastronomy whatever their budget. Tours can either be booked as private tours or people can book individually to join a public tour. Most tours are 2 hours long but can be adapted to 3 hours on request. I also provide (for private groups only) tours of Auch and Condom in the Gers.  Getting to meet some fascinating folk from all over the world is such an honour and I look forward to meeting and exchanging with you all too!

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