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November 2023

Rebecca Gregory

 Life's Palette: From Artist to Château Entrepreneur

Rebecca Gregory 1_edited.jpg

Rebecca Gregory is the proprietor and the creative force behind Château La Commanderie. During her presentation she shared her experiences of inheriting a French château and embracing a career change amidst economic uncertainty.


She transformed the family estate into a thriving business, overcoming challenges and reaping the rewards of her incredible endeavor. Learn from her valuable insights as an artist, mother, and small business owner in a picturesque French setting, all while continuing her passion for art.


Rebecca has a unique educational background with a BA in Economics and Studio Arts from Wellesley College, USA. In 1988, at just 21 years old, Rebecca inherited a charming château in France from her mother, embarking on an inspiring journey of preservation and transformation.


Rebecca's story is a testament to her resilience and adaptability. For over two decades, she skillfully balanced her roles as a professional artist and a mother of two. However, the economic downturn of 2008 became a turning point in her life. In response, she transitioned the family estate into a thriving rental business and a sought-after wedding venue, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit.

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