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February 2023

Tasha Fiore

War and Voice as a Source of Change, Transformation and Joy


Tasha is a singer, music therapist, vocal coach and psychologist. Her area of interest is the study of the voice and the human breath as universal tools for reducing stress levels, lifting the mood, improving physical well-being, correcting the psycho-emotional state of a person, and improving the quality of life.

Tasha has been working with voice for many years as a vocal coach, a vocal masterclass and workshop facilitator and as a vocal therapist. The most important observation she has made over the years is this: If you want to sing, then you have a predisposition for singing.


Tasha believes that people devoid of musical talent never want to sing and are not interested in singing in any way. That's the way it works - desire always accompanies opportunity! There's an expression: "If you can't sing, don't sing." Because otherwise you have no way out - the voice is calling! There's nowhere to hide, you have to start a "10,000 repetitions" marathon…because the Art of Singing, like any other art is: 10% talent. 90% hard work.

Before coming to Toulouse, Tasha worked at the National Music Academy of Ukraine, after which she directed a music therapy center in Kiev.


She has a master's degree in music and a consultant diploma in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy.

In her presentation, Tasha Fiore talked about what extraordinary surprises the war has brought to Ukraine and Ukrainians and what it's like to be Ukrainian now. She led a practical workshop about the healing power of our voice and breath, and how it can relax us, lift our spirits and how we can enjoy our sound together.

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