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September 2019


Una Pett

Talking about Art and the creative process


Una is an American expat originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. She earned her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art’s Graduate School of Figurative Art. She has over 15 years’ teaching experience in higher education and art institutions in Utah, North Carolina, and New York. She earned her BA in Studio Art from Smith College.

She is a lifelong student of the human figure specializing in portraiture, with frequent forays into landscape painting and drawing.


Like many of us, Una wears several hats: teacher of art history to American college students; assistant to aspiring artists discovering Toulouse by sketchbook; painter and drawer of portraits; blogger about life as a voluntary expat; player of Irish music; teacher of English; artist developing her own work in her snug home studio. She can frequently be found sketching among the picturesque streets of Toulouse or in its cafés.


In her presentation, Una shared her vision of art, how she conceives her teaching but also and above all about her work and its creative process.

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