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May 2023

Yuliia Pronina

Discovering Strength Through Supporting Others

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Psychologists often say that by taking care of ourselves, we gain the tools and resources to help others. However, Yuliia's story challenges this conventional wisdom. 


When Yuliia became pregnant after just having survived cancer, she faced a scarcity of scientific and emotional resources to help guide her decisions. Yet, instead of focusing solely on her own struggles, she decided to create a community of support for women like her.


In her presentation, Yuliia shared with us how, in her most difficult moments, she started a blog to share her story, candidly describing her experiences and triumphs. Her blog was a way for her to reach out to others facing similar challenges and difficulties. Her vulnerability and compassion led to an outpouring of gratitude from women worldwide who had found solace and inspiration in her words.


Realizing the profound impact she could make, Yuliia expanded her mission. She embarked on a quest to find and share the stories of women who had become mothers after cancer. Her website has become a beacon of hope for countless others, providing a space for hope through shared experiences, support, and connection.  She is now looking into creating an association to support women in the Toulouse area and contribute to the community.


A woman with such dedication to providing support for women can only inspire us to share her story with others because supporting others is essential to supporting oneself.

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Website: Pregnancy after Cancer  

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